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Data Marketplace

Our webshop showcasing a range of commercial database products from our trusted vendors.

We believe in the value of knowing what did is available both in the public domain as well as commercial data which is why we have created the Data Marketplace. Incorporating data from 3rd party specialist vendors ensures our users are kept informed of what data can be accessed for their area of interest.


When accessing the Map section of the PDR simply switch in the "3dr Party Vendors" layers to see the coverage of our commercial datasets. Once purchased, these datasets can be made available exclusively to a users PDR account enabling them to preform analysis of public domain data alongside any purchased datasets.

If you are interested to find out more about our vendor datasets or would like to arrange a demo then please contact one of our team


North Sea Prospect Inventory

The NSPI is a GIS database constructed primarily from government released information. Georeferenced maps, digitised shapefiles, and associated attributes allow the user to quickly identify opportunities of interest and integrate these into proprietary systems.


Cambridge Carbonates

Cambridge Carbonates Ltd have worked the Barents Shelf area since the mid 1990’s and have subsequently logged cores from more that 20 Palaeozoic wells. These reports form a key archive of detailed core descriptions, microfacies, depositional models and reservoir quality from which exploration decisions can be made.



Migris describe and reduce geological and economical exploration risk by simulating geological processes, using their leading petroleum systems modelling software. The software combines probabilistic Monte Carlo techniques with migration modelling to reduce geological uncertainties and assess the petroleum systems and charge risks in exploration acreage. 


North Sea Core

The core material available through North Sea Core CIC has been donated by energy companies through the relinquishment, abandonment and decommissioning of fields on the UK Continental Shelf. Core is available for a range of education, research and outreach purposes, as well as for supply to individuals and commercial organisations.


Visual Wavefield 

At The Visual Wavefield Project we use cutting edge virtual and augmented reality techniques to produce seismic visualizations of stunning clarity. Our Stratiscape displays are the first significant improvement in seismic visualization in more than 40 years, dramatically increasing the amount of visible information in your seismic data. 


Global GeoPressure Advice

Combining basin studies, sedimentology, structural geology, drilling and geomechanics to provide an integrated, holistic service to determine the affects of geopressure as a tool for risking and safe well drilling. GGA have several Geopressure Products available in the UK Central Graben - including overpressure and compartment maps.


Wyedean Exploration

Wyedean Exploration Consultants have conducted two comprehensive geoscientific multi-client studies in the Mid-North Sea High (MNSH) and Rockall Trough areas of the UKCS, which are available on a proprietary basis. The two reports contain a wealth of subsurface interpretation including; regional geological reviews, well correlation/interpretations, petroleum systems modelling and new play identification.


Calderdale Geoscience

CGL is composed of geoscientists and engineers who specialise in a range of subsurface disciplines including seismic interpretation & geological analysis, core description and play mapping. CGL have a number of UKCS products available for purchase, including digital core log databases in the NNS, CNS and SNS, petrophysical interpretations and a suite of mapping and database products focused on the MNSH.

Open to Data

Our team continues to identify additional and valuable datasets to support subsurface evaluations. Should you wish to register as data vendor then contact our team for more details.

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