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Aeon Geoscience Systems is an Aberdeen based software company which provides geoscience software for the energy sector. Our focus is the aggregation and visualization of large spatial and subsurface databases. 

We were once in your shoes.

We used to spend hours trawling for subsurface data to support our commercial goals.

We decided to make a change.

First we made a software capable of handling data of different shapes and sizes.


Then we loaded all the useful data we could find and made it available through a web portal. 

Now we offer both solutions to you...

The Public Data Repository offers access to a huge spatial and Subsurface database. The massive database has been collated from 30+ sources and includes data from both the public domain as well as proprietary databases 
The data available through the PDR is supplementary to the data stored in the UKCS National Data Repository (NDR) with very little duplication.
The PDR offer a significant reduction in time and cost enabling quicker and better informed decision making 
  • Regional Geological Maps
  • Maintained Cultural Data 
  • Well Logs and Core Data
  • Seismic Data and Grids
  • Regional & Well Tops
  • Prospect & Undeveloped Discovery Info
  • Source Rock Studies (Well & Regional)
  • Various Proprietary Databases* 
             (*some exclusive PDR freebies)
Did we mention that the PDR is FREE?
Equip with powerful visualisation tools, the PDR is the perfect tool for screening areas of interest.
PROEX is flexible E&A portfolio and knowledge management package encompassing the data management and visualization requirements of a subsurface team. It has been designed for exploration and portfolio managers enabling easy access to data though an intuitive user interface.

PROEX includes a company subscription to the PDR meaning integrating legacy data with a corporate database has never been easier. This connectivity to the PDR ensures access to a regularly updated and growing subsurface database.

  • Integrated Database Capable of handling multi-format data
  • Secure Corporate Data Integration
  • Prospect Data Management & Analysis Dashboards
  • Analytics for Hub locations and 
  • Powerful Map & Well visualization tools 
  • Monte Carlo Analysis
  • Data Management Tools
  • Hub Analysis Tools
  • Core visualisation Suite
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Data Transition

In order to fulfil the energy needs of the present and to meet the demands of a NetZero future Aeon have launched the Data Transition. An initiative that recognises the value of subsurface data no matter the application and seeks to promote the use of historic Oil & Gas data to support exploration and operations across the energy ecosystem.

We have delivered a number of webinar showcasing how the subsurface data we have accumulated can be explored to support CCS reservoir analysis, Offshore wind infrastructure deployment and Onshore geothermal analysis. These recorded use cases can be accessed here.

For more information please contact our team


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Our Goal

Accessing data has become a major bottleneck within industry leading to costly inefficiencies and delays in operations. In the quest for accurate data, geoscientists are required to allocate time to sourcing, accessing and conditioning data before any value add. With additional time required to understand the data provenance and ensure it remains up to date resulting in costs to the business.

At Aeon we aim to fix this tedious workflow. 

We achieve this by doing the hard work for our users. We locate, acquire and condition subsurface data from a wide variety of sources and release to our user-community through our software.



Seamless access to a wealth of public and private domain spatial and subsurface data across NW Europe




Whether you have any feedback or suggestions, or would like to request a software demo, please contact us.

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