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PROEX offers the ability to securely integrate internal corporate datasets with historical and public domain data within a single solution

PROEX is flexible E&A portfolio and knowledge management package encompassing the data management and visualization requirements of a subsurface team. It has been designed for exploration and portfolio managers enabling easy access to data though an intuitive user interface.


A PROEX licence comes with full access to the wealth of data held in the PDR. The user has instantons access to the huge PDR subsurface database, data which can be viewed in conjunction with their own corporate data at the click of a button. The cloud hosted solution significantly increases productivity for professionals handling spatial and subsurface data by reducing the time taken in accessing data. The benefits, informed decision making based on an full appraisal of all available data leading to quicker returns for the business. 

If you would like to learn more about PROEX or to arrange a demo please contact us.

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