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Public Data Repository

Seamless access to a wealth of public and private domain spatial and subsurface data across NW Europe

The PDR incorporates a vast database of spatial and subsurface data collated from the public domain and private databases. When coupled with free access and an array of visualisation tools the PDR is a data repository designed for the future of G&G data.


At Aeon we recognise the significant opportunity in using our cutting edge platform to bring together the varied & disparate subsurface data, providing a unique opportunity for the end user. PDR will be open to all, providing users from the O&G sector, academia and beyond to explore this unique data set.  Acquired over decades of E&P activity on the UKCS / NCS, examples of data populated within PDR include:​


  • Regional Geological Maps.

  • Well Logs.

  • Prospect / Undeveloped Discovery Information.

  • Source Rock Studies at Well & Regional Scales.

Register here for FREE access to the PDR

PDR Access

We offer a number of different subscription packages to ensure the whole geoscience community can log on to the platform. How better to do this than to include a FREE subscription offering alongside our paid subscriptions. The free version allows users to log onto the PDR and review public domain data visualized in both the Map Viewer and the powerful Log Viewer. A free subscription is great for those who are passive users or just want to try the platform out before purchasing a full subscription.

If you are interested to find out more about the PDR or would like to arrange a demo then please contact one of our team

PDR Subscriptions

Access a breadth of additional functionality through our PDR subscription packages.

Subscription to the PDR unlocks a range of new functionality for enhanced analysis of the existing data. The 12 month subscriptions open up the following features for your team.


  • Data downloads including: datasets, map layers, documentation and reports

  • Access the PDR Well INDEX listing all available wells with associated metadata

  • Access the database via the DATASETS Section

  • Access to the GIS Editor unlocking a wide range of functionality for layer editing

  • Select a subscription to meet the size of your team

  • Regional access to PDR

In addition, PDR Business+ and PDR Enterprise users can gain access to data held in our extensive Data Back Catalogue through data requests. This data can be uploaded into your PDR Business+ or PDR Enterprise account and shared with your team. Alternatively these data can be supplied directly to your team as raw data files.

*Limits apply. Speak to our team to find out more