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A Client Data Portal offers you the ability to deliver your data through a professional and customized, cloud software application. 

The Client Data Portal provides a separate version of the PDR with a re-branded Welcome screen to suite your company look and an empty database waiting to be populated with your data. Utilizing the existing data management and visualisation functionality of the PDR platform, a company portal provides an ideal tool for the delivery of your data products. Whether it is maps, well data, documents or reports, a Client Data Portal provides a smooth and cohesive user experience enabling your customer to maximize the value of your products.

The company portal offers:

A rebranded welcome screen to match your brand

A blank database capable of storing maps, datasets, documents, etc

Control over usership, the data they access and for how long

Delivering data to your clients in a customised, cloud-based software application offers a competitive advantage for your overall product. Your clients can seamlessly access the data they want, removing the non-productive steps of receiving, loading, and customising data, empowering them to implement your products in their studies and extract maximum value.


Addressing the changing industry and your market is key to maximising revenue from your existing data products. With  sales of large regional/multi-well databases increasingly challenging, a Client Data Portal offers flexibility in your sales strategy by allowing you to continue to offer large databases as well as subsets of these products. The approach offers a new mechanism to engage the growing market of smaller buyers, unlocking new sales opportunities for your products.


In addition to the benefits of a professional interface for delivering your data to your clients and the flexibility in your sales strategy, Client Data Portal clients have the option to join the PDR Data Marketplace to further increase exposure and sales.


The PDR marketplace offers you the ability to present your products to the wider PDR community. Through a simple checkout procedure any PDR user would have the ability to review and purchase access to your products, secured exclusively to their PDR account. Log into the PDR or speak to one of our team to find out more about the Data Marketplace and how it might benefit your business.

If you would like to learn more about a Client Data Portal or to arrange a demo please contact our team.

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