Exploration, development and production of hydrocarbons in the Oil and Gas industry has been occurring for many decades, and with these large-scale activities comes the acquisition of vast amounts of technical data. The breadth and depth of geoscience data - as well as subsequent studies and reports - that has been gathered offers a unique, though challenging, opportunity for oil and gas professionals. Harnessing this information effectively is crucial; leading to improved understanding of the subsurface and ultimately enhanced business performance.  

The challenges faced by the Oil and Gas industry in subsurface knowledge/data management are varied, but often include: 

  • Bespoke software suited to interpretation of specific geoscience data types, lacking integration with wider subsurface data. 

  • Requirement for personnel to have expert software capabilities, creating unnecessary barriers to accessing data and realising its true value.  

  • Data silos which prevent multidisciplinary and cohesive assessments of subsurface opportunities. 

  • Corporate knowledge loss due to staff moving on and M&A activity.

Aeon’s cloud-based software offers an optimal solution to knowledge management, offering Oil and Gas companies the ideal platform to maximise the value of their data and solve many of their data management challenges: 

  • Single, dedicated software platform specifically designed to be a central repository for disparate geoscience data. 

  • Intuitive, flexible and ideally suited to multi-functional teams, the software offers efficient access to numerous subsurface datasets in a user-friendly environment.  

  • Fully integrated datasets enable single users, teams and entire companies to derive the full picture from their data – without barriers collaboration is improved.  

  • Secure and continuous data management in our platform, accessible from anywhere in the world and offering scalable options to match client requirements.

As well as offering a solution to some of the common data challenges in the Oil and Gas industry, Aeon’s software platform also seamlessly aligns with wider industry and government objectives of digitalisation, digital strategies and access to public domain data.  

Oil and Gas companies are accelerating towards digitalisation as the benefits of increased innovation, cost reduction and advanced analysis continue to positively impact overall business performance. Aeon’s software supports all these initiatives and more, offering the perfect tool for improved decision making in the subsurface environment.  

Digital strategies are a key component of current business and government planning, and Aeon’s platform fits with aspects of collaboration, AI and accessibility - all key components of formulating such strategies. In a post Covid-19 working environment, easy and efficient access to data will be critical as more people work remotely, and our cloud-based software provides an ideal solution.  

Across the world, as oil and gas regulatory bodies continue to release subsurface data into the public domain, efficiently storing this data for wider use becomes ever more valuable. Aeon are committed to providing a platform to realise the potential of public data, starting in the UK with the PDR. 

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