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Industry and governments are accelerating their Net Zero ambitions and placing initiatives front and centre of their future strategies. At Aeon we recognise the critical role that data and innovation has in the Energy Transition landscape, and are dedicated to harnessing geoscience data in a holistic manner such that it is valued across multiple sectors. Stripping away the history of its acquisition, subsurface data is crucial to progressing the understanding and implementation of Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS), geothermal/wind energy and efficient infrastructure opportunities. 


Applications of petroleum industry derived information include: 

  • Core and log based data for the assessment of geological units as viable targets for the storage of CO2. 

  • Seismic interpretation and seeps databases to understand potential leakage points and robustly evaluate containment at CCS sites.

  • Shallow subsurface investigations for drilling rigs, pipelines and subsea infrastructure all yield valuable data for new offshore infrastructure development.

  • Temperature, pressure, heat flow data to support & appraise possible geothermal energy opportunities.

  • Resource and production data to understand remaining hydrocarbons, informing energy integration projects (e.g. Gas-to-Wire) to ensure optimal & sustainable infrastructure use.

We are committed to promoting and driving the use of existing data in Net Zero initiatives, and we are actively engaged with industry and academia to explore options for using our cutting-edge software platform to benefit such projects. Furthermore, we are always looking at innovative technology and identifying advanced techniques to apply to these datasets and we look forward to applying these in impactful studies.  

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