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AEON offers seamless access to multiple public datasets through a freely accessible version of their AEON software. The PDR is a lite version of the AEON platform making it the perfect tool to harness the sizeable volumes of public domain subsurface data available on the UKCS. We are committed to integrating QC’d data into the cutting edge platform to offer a unique tool for interrogating subsurface data to inform exploration, appraisal and development opportunities.

Acquired over decades of E&P activity on the UKCS, examples of the geoscience data that will be made available through the PDR include:

  • Regional Geological Maps

  • Well Logs

  • Prospect / Undeveloped Discovery Information

  • Source Rock Studies at Well & Regional Scales

We are building this product with a view to making a version FREE to access through our website offering the end user a unique opportunity to explore these consolidated data resources.

To learn more about PDR and its functions please click here.



Regional Context 

Supporting Local Data​

Well LOGS &


Evaluate Log Data for Target Stratigraphy​

Source rock data

Assess Key Petroleum

 Systems Elements ​


Review Existing & Identify New Opportunities​

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