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The benefits

We believe that in building the PDR, we offer our users an exceptional tool with which to explore UKCS / NCS public domain data. 

  • Cloud computing enables effective analysis of disparate data types.

  • Allows efficient evaluation and visualisation of numerous sources of data.

  • Ideal for assessing opportunities at all scales: well, prospect, licence or UKCS / NCS portfolio.

  • Perfect platform on which to integrate your own company data and third party databases to grow your optimum package.

This free-to-access version of the platform will sit alongside the full version of PROEX which offers a wealth of supplementary tools including; Monte Carlo simulation, Hub Analysis and Portfolio Analytics. Additionally these datasets will be imported and made available through the full version to enable the usership to access their data alongside any relevant public data.


We are building this product with a view to making a version FREE to access through our website offering the end user a unique opportunity to explore these consolidated data resources. To learn more about PDR and its functions please click here.

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How PDR can support you

The focus of this initiative will be the Quality Controlled (QC’d) studies which have been delivered to the OGA through multiple service providers. These projects and studies include QC’d “ hard data” as well as interpretations and final reports, and are a key source of information which is distinct from the raw data available through the National Data Repository (NDR). Each deliverable has valuable technical results, but ultimately we believe the true value in harnessing the potential of these data is to bring them together in an integrated manner that is easily navigated.

Our vision for this product is to provide a platform for oil & gas companies of all sizes to have the ability to exploit the wealth of subsurface data on the UKCS / NCS. Interrogation of the data will be possible on a local scale, looking at well results, interpretations and specific data in relation to a prospect, licence or block, and also on a regional scale using regional maps, well databases and reports. This makes it an ideal tool for supporting a range of business opportunities; an independent company assessing a single licence, a medium company using it for E&A portfolio management, or a new company entrant to the UKCS or NCS looking for to effectively & efficiently screen opportunities.

User Testimonials

"Having been tasked with finding publicly available data on a number of fields in the Central North Sea on a very tight timeframe, PDR proved an invaluable source to efficiently pull accurate information on the fields and surrounding area. One key question we had was around near field potential and having the ability to quickly pull technical reports (e.g. Undeveloped Discovery Montages) on nearby discoveries all from the one platform really improved the quality of our internal review. The sleek mapping window also allowed us to take screenshots to add into our materials, adding value by orientating our team who are unfamiliar with the area. Very exciting to see such a platform being developed for North Sea data, looking forward to watching it grow.”

North American Investment Banking Associate

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