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Decoding the Earth's Subsurface
Software Built for Subsurface Professionals in the Energy Sector
A Spatial & Subsurface Data Repository equipped with powerful visualisation tools
Key Features

Access our massive UKCS database collated from over 30 different databases.

Seamless data integration ensuring data is securely captured, managed and available for analysis  

Integrated visualisation tools for Spatial and Subsurface data including; logs, core, map layers, documents etc

Customisable user permissions provides tiered user access for local or remote users

Ai technology delivers value through enhancing data making it more navigable whilst supporting data-led decisions

Trust your Data Again
We make excellent software.

The PROEX Platform 
and supports Informed decision making.
Improves your Data QC
Saves you Time,


Exploration Prospect Manager

PROEX Pioneer is flexible E&A portfolio and knowledge management platform encompassing the data management and visualization requirements of a subsurface team.

It has been designed for exploration and portfolio managers enabling easy access to data though an intuitive user interface.


CCS Data Manager

PROEX Sequest combines a comprehensive database with a intuitive interface to support the screening of CCUS locations. Our expert team continue to grow and enhance our multidisciplinary database to enable the Data Transition.


With the ability to integrate corporate data, Sequest offer an ideal tool for managing your CCUS portfolio.


Core Data Manager

PROEX Discover is specifically designed to collate core analysis data into a single, user-friendly interface for data management and analysis.

The optional LIMS module means the full lifecycle of core data, from data capture to integration with wider datasets


Corporate Data Repository

PROEX Explore is an integrated, private version of our data management platform available as a white label . This version comes with a number of bespoke features including dashboards and corporate branding. 


PROEX Explore is the perfect option for large enterprises or public facing systems such as National Data Repositories.

Please follow the link to gain access to a live technology demonstrator


Whether you have any questions or would like to request a demonstration, please contact us.

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